I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Journalism in the College of Communications at Penn State — and a faculty affiliate with the John Curley Center for Sports Journalism. I received my Ph.D. in Media and Information Studies from Michigan State University and also hold a degree in Online Journalism from the Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences.

My research investigates the impact of new and social media on the intersection of sport, media, and society. More specifically, I focus on how digital messages and relationships in the realm of sport affect perceptions, attitudes, and behaviors related to health, stereotypes, and information gain. My work has been published in journals such as “Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly”, “Computers and Human Behavior”, “Behaviour & Information Technology”, “Communication & Sport”,  and the “International Journal of Sport Communication”. I teach courses related to social media, data journalism, and evolving storytelling techniques.

Outside of academia, I continue to work as a sports writer mostly covering the National Basketball Association (NBA) for “NBA Germany” and “Die Welt”. Over the past decade, I have also worked for newspapers, radio and television stations, as well as online publications in Germany and the U.S. I also analyze and graph sports-related Twitter data.