The MLS Pre-Season Hype-O-Meter

The MLS season just kicked off – and with two new teams, there was lots of excitement to go around. Atlanta and Minnesota did a great job on social media getting their fans into the game early on. Here are some numbers.

MLS Preseason Hype Social Media

Shenanigans? Shenanigans!

Shenanigans [SHəˈnanəɡənz], professional. The Oxford Dictionary describes shenanigans as “silly or high-spirited behavior; mischief”. Although the activities described in this section are certainly not meant to be “secret or dishonest”, they are in most cases not what I would usually publish as an academic. Instead, they often are the result of a high-spirited or slightly mischievous idea, a general curiosity, or questions about sport, (social) media, and society that have come up at one point or another. If you have ideas/suggestions or would like to see any shenanigans applied to your commercial or academic endeavor, please don’t hesitate to contact me.